Custom Baseboard Products Are A Great Value!

Custom Free-Standing Baseboard Heaters

(Patent Pending)

Finally a perimeter baseboard heater that looks great with hardwood floors and furniture because these wooden baseboard heaters are made from furniture grade hardwoods; this is heating furniture.

CBH-HP-Pic-1Our custom solid wood perimeter heaters look great with hardwood and masonry floors because the components are natural solid hardwood. Perimeter baseboard heat provides the best available technology for comfort, zoning, and overall heating efficiency.

Baseboard heating elements sizing is available in high output, standard output, or double tiered for low temperature condensing boiler applications.

Available in complete new unit with heating element for new construction or replacement of a current heater. Put heat where you want it, along windows and outside walls.

Our custom baseboard heaters will not dry or crack hardwood floors.

Unlike radiant heat, baseboard heat is not affected by the use of decorative rugs that insulate a floor and cause radiant floor heating systems to have reduced performance.

Finned tubing made of 100% copper tubing will not split, crack, or leak.

CBHProdPG-Pic-3JPEG-2aFinned tubing supported by wooden struts provides silent operation; never any clinking noise from metal to metal contact.

Wooden struts fastened into ” oak plywood.

Deflector shown above finned tube provides improved convection heat performance.

Easy access for cleaning & service.


Mounts easily; can be retrofitted in new or existing structures.

Side covers held in place with magnets conceal fastening screws. Side covers slide off to reveal baseboard sides that use fastening screws with 30 offset to allow easy removal.




Secure Fastening System: Our patented fastening system is secure and completely hidden, no screws or nails in view; beautiful premium wood grain to complement wood floor and paneled interiors.

Say goodbye to stamped metal conventional sheet metal baseboard heaters and the expense and complications of radiant floor heating.

Heaters are available in: Cherry, Red Oak, Maple, and Walnut and in a variety of sealers & stains as well as other custom configurations.





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